Mediation Services


A New World In Our Hearts believes in creating a world without violence and coercion and where government is not only an unwelcome oppressive force in our lives but obsolete and unnecessary. Towards that goal we are excited to now be able to offer mediation free of charge or by donation.

Mediation is an opportunity to have a facilitated conversation about a specific or ongoing conflict in your life that is focused on arriving at a mutually agreeable resolution for all involved parties. It is a way to discuss possible outcomes without needing to rely on those systems set up to oppress, coerce, or force others to act in specific ways.

If you have a need for an experienced and trained mediator or are interested knowing more, please send us an email. Our mediator was trained by and works with The New York Peace Institute, and is familiar with issues that might concern activists, those living in communal or non-traditional housing situations, and anarchists, as well as more traditional money, business, and neighbor complaints.

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