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We carry A New World In Our Hearts! Part of making that world a reality is sharing our vision for what that world could look like. Besides offering tangible examples like Free Stores or Really Really Free Markets we also distribute and share books and pamphlets that we believe offer relevant ideas, important people’s history and practical how to knowledge.

In 2005  we opened the doors of the first In Our Hearts Infoshop next to the Brooklyn Free Store on Grand Street in Brooklyn. The space included a lending library and zines that were available for free or by donation. Although the space was closed by years end we were undeterred and continue to table at events. In 2007 we helped to found the 123 Community Space with two other like minded groups. The space housed our lending library and dozens of free or by donation zines until it closed in the Fall of 2009.

In 2010 with the founding of the New Brooklyn Free Store, we again had a home for free radical zines. That space is closed for now but until it reopens we are regularly tabling at events and spaces like Liberty Plaza (Occupy Wall Street.) At Occupy Wall Street we tabled or had our pamphlets available for free on nearly a daily basis from the first week of the occupation in late August until the night the camp was raided in mid-November. During that period of time we distributed more than 40,000 pamphlets to thousands of interested people.

“Anarchists know that a long period of education must precede any great fundamental change in society” – Lucy Parsons

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I’m a DC resident and part-time occupier of McPherson Square 🙂 A close friend of mine has been occupying in New York for the past month and he mentioned that you guys have been distributing some amazing work. I’ve been planning to produce some zines of my own, but in the mean time, I was wondering if there are any distributors of your zines here in DC and if not, if there is some way that I could print some and distribute them myself to the DC occupations. Thanks for your time!


I recently ran across a copy of forget shorter showers yall distro. i was curious if you had a pdf or could send a copy down our way. we can send you postage. otherwise i have to design a new one. any other eco centric zines would be cool to. we have a decent @ distro but we could always use more quality stuff. thanks for all the work you do.

chapel kill, nc

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