In Our Hearts is a New York City based Anarchist network made up of autonomous collectives, projects and individuals who share the goal of building a culture of resistance in the City and beyond.

Over the years, we have worked on a wide variety of projects and continue to add more to the list. In 2005 we organized and hosted a four-day May Day festival. We helped to run the Brooklyn Free Store (founded in 2001) and operated an infoshop at the same location, until 2005. We also organized the regular Really Really Free Markets which came to NYC in 2004 as a response to the Republican Nation Convention. Since 2005 we have held Grub twice per month community dinners on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month.

In 2007 we helped found the 123 Community Space in Brooklyn. The space provided a number of valuable resources to the community. Unfortunately the space was shuttered in 2009. BedStuy Food Not Bombs which cooked out of the space continues to this day. Meals are cooked in the homes of local residents and shared each Sunday in Tompkins (Von King) Park.

Over the years we have also organized demonstrations and marches against war and as part of a counter-recruitment strategy. We have focused a lot of our energy into support for activists who have become targets of the state in what has come to be known as the “Green Scare” through a variety of events.

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