Get Ready for Halloween at the Brooklyn Free Store!

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Come to the Brooklyn Free Store today and you just might find what you need for your Halloween costume! Join us today and each Friday (weather permitting) at the Brooklyn Free Store located at Lafayette & Marcy in BedStuy! We will be there from 12 noon ’til 5pm or dusk if that comes first. We are located just one block from the Bedford-Nostrand G train stop.

Expect crates of books (see pictures), records, food, household goods,  bags and bags of used and new clothing, and more.

All are welcome to come and share what they have or just take what they’d like. There is no obligation to share or anything. These items and others are being shared in the spirit of community and mutual aid, please participate with that in mind and respect others.


The idea of the Free Store is simple: take whatever you can use, bring whatever you can give that someone else could use. It is a model for another way of living without money and without scarcity.

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