Looking for a New Home for Grub – Community Dinners!

Grub has been going great for nearly 10 years and counting! The twice a month community dinner has hosted so many amazing people over the years and functioned as a networking space and a  catalyst for much more. We have been introducing people to ideas about community, mutual aid, anarchism, and freegan practices in warm inviting space for all this time but  now we are in need of new locations to hold these events!


We are now reaching out and  looking for a new permanent,  temporary, or occasional space to hold the Grub Community Dinners. We have always held Grub dinners in spaces where people live but that can be open to the public. For the most part we have been in spaces that are lofts and maybe also host parties and other events. We have also always held Grub in BedStuy, Clinton Hill, or downtown Brooklyn. We are open to other neighborhoods but don’t want to go too far away from where we live and are based geographically. We absolutely need a location that has both a kitchen and the space to accommodate 30-40 participants sharing dinner. The dinners are always held on the first and third Sunday of each month. In order to prepare and then clean up after we would need access to a potential space from approximately 3:30-10:30pm.


Grub is organized by a conscientious group of people who make sure to always leave whatever space we use in as good if not better shape then we found it. Most all of the food we prepare is organic and high in quality, much of it is donated by a local organic market. There are usually leftovers that we can leave with our hosts if they can use them. In the past we have helped to outfit kitchens of our host locations by upgrading their stove and oven or getting them an electric dishwasher. We have an ample supply of our own cookware and most everything we need from knives and cutting boards to silverware and plates.

Please get in touch if you can help us find a new location!


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