Be Part of the Brooklyn Free Store!

Join us today and each Friday as we create our own community model of a gift economy at the Brooklyn Free Store. The Free Store is a participatory event and there are many ways to be part of it just sharing (or taking what others have to share with you) makes you part of it. More than participants we are in need of new organizers to help us set up and break down the Free Store preferably on a regular basis.


The Brooklyn Free Store located at Lafayette & Marcy in BedStuy, just one block from the Bedford-Nostrand G stop. All are welcome to come and share what they have or just take what they’d like. Expect crates of books (lots of law text books!), records, household goods,  as well as bags and bags of used and new clothing.

There is no obligation to share or anything. These items and others are being shared in the spirit of community and mutual aid, please participate with that in mind and respect others.

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