A Message for Those Interested in Getting Involved


Tomorrow we will be holding the 3rd Brooklyn Free Store of the Summer. The first two free store events were especially successful and larger than usual. We move all the materials from storage to the Free Store by bike. It is a very “green” non-polluting way to do things but also labor intensive. We have been working harder to promote the Free Store both through social media and by posting fliers in the neighborhood. As a result of the free store being larger and more popular than it has been in the past we are looking for more volunteers to help us set up, close down and maintain the free store on Fridays. If there is enough volunteer interest we could also do the free store on other days. We would love to have more help promoting the free store both virtually and through fliers posted up in the neighborhood and around town.

During the free store tomorrow we expect to have a volunteer bike mechanic and a pinata full of freegan sweets! We had been planning to host a live band at last week’s free store but unfortunately it was rained out. We would love to host more things like this in the future at the free store, so contact us if you have any leads!


Grub this weekend will be at 21 Clinton Ave in Brooklyn on Sunday July 20th. We could use help from people with or without culinary skills to help make the meal a success. We start preparing the meal around 4pm so that we will be ready to share food at 7pm.
spring 14 photo 1Zines: as of late we have been publishing new zines and pamphlets, but we could do a much better job at distributing them. We would also love help getting them online and sharing them that way. A few are available on our website but we would love to have more. For a number of months, we were holding a zine reading discussion group at Silent Barn’s Ditko zine library. If there is interest in doing so that event could be revived. We have lots of records of how many zines we have copied that we would like to see typed up so we can analyze and share that information. Also important would be help laying out (graphic design) new zines especially on a computer, as well as translating zines into languages other than English.

IMG_1752On a regular basis we could use help assembling and distributing zines from our table at Union Sq. or at events. We expect to be in Union Sq. this evening enjoying the nice summer weather and sharing ideas.Check @iohnyc on twitter for details and updates.

On Saturday, July 26th, we are having a series of open meetings and a work day. 11am: Open organizing meeting forĀ The Brooklyn Free Store. Should we get a physical space or continue our outdoor outreach? Interested in learning more about how to volunteer for our regular Friday events in Bed-Stuy or how you can help with outreach? 12:30: Open work day: banner-painting, screenprinting, organizing free store storage space, data entry or other computer work, propaganda creation, etc. 3pm: Open organizing meeting forĀ Grub – A Community Dinner. Always wanted to get involved behind the scenes at our semi-monthly dinners? Interested in hosting an event? Want to help out doing outreach, sourcing and gathering food, etc?In general we could also use help responding to emails, writing emails and maintaining our social media / web presence.

Get in touch with us at and if you’d like send us a phone number where we can text you at.


Hope to see you soon!

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