Anti-Police Brutality RALLY for Cecily McMillan Today in Union Sq.

cecily liberty sqOn May 5th, a jury found Occupy Wall Street activist, regular host of Grub and our friend Cecily McMillan guilty of felony assault of a police officer. On the evening of March 17th, 2012 police officer Grantley Bovell grabbed her breast from behind as she was complying with orders to clear Zucotti Park. During this violent arrest her elbow struck him in the face, and for that Cecily is now facing 2 to 7 years in prison. Her sentencing date is May 19th. For more information on the case go to

Of course, Cecily isn’t the only person brutalized by this system. We will be speaking out against all forms of police brutality, and want this to be a cross-community effort of all those affected.

We will be rallying at Union Square to show our belief that things need serious change, and that Cecily should be set free. The rally will start at 2:00 and will include music, speakers, spoken word, and stories from others persecuted by our criminal “justice” system.

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