Support Occupy Activist and Our Friend Cecily in Court

Cecily Mcmillan and Martin Stolar

Cecily McMillan will be continue to be on trial all this week. Join supporters for a a light breakfast and hot tea thanks to OWS Guitarmy and the cargo bike collective at 9:30am at 100 Centre St.

Room 1116, Part 41 @ 100 Centre St. In #NYC
Monday 4/14 – 10:30am-4:30pm
Tuesday 4/15 – no court
Wednesday 4/16 – 9:30am-4:30pm
Thursday 4/17 – no court
Friday 4/18 – 9:30am-4:30pm
Stay up to date with Cecily’s support by texting ”@CecilysTrial” to 23559, by visiting   or on Facebook.

Dress in court appropriate clothing (business casual.) Check back in for updates and more details.

Last week we saw the conclusion of testimony of Officer Grantley Bovell a known and admitted corrupt cop who acknowledged fixing parking and speeding tickets. Both before and after arresting Cecily he was involved in a number of incidents where he was accused of using excessive force and violence against people. On the stand he denied kicking a prone suspect in the teeth, but admitted that somehow during the arrest he broke his foot. No explanation was given and that case is still pending, as is one from later the night Cecily was arrested where he accused of abusing another prisoner arrested at Zuccotti Park.

Much of what Officer Bovell said in court was that he didn’t recall, or didn’t recall if he remembered, or some variation of that. Today the prosecution will call more police to take the stand.

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