Solidarity with Khmer Workers From NYC

khmer solidarity

On Monday, we held a demo in front of the Cambodian Mission to the UN in NYC to protest the military crackdown of striking workers that left 5 dead and dozens injured in recent days. We stood in solidarity with the hundreds of thousands of garment industry workers who for weeks had been protesting Cambodia’s gross income inequality and demanding safe working conditions and living salary of $160 a month.

Though the Mission’s doors remained locked, protesters were able to buzz and catch the attention of people inside the Mission office with signs and banners. For the nearly two hours that we maintained our presence at the office no one left the building and a number of people who tried to get in were unable to. At one point the building superintendent attempted to intimidate us, demanding we leave and taking photos of our faces, and threatening to send the images to the police. He also told us we were not allowed to use the sidewalk protest because it was property of the building. We remained in front of the Mission’s doors and sent images out via different social networks.

Thanks to everyone who braved the rain to call out  “the worst state violence Cambodia has seen in 15 years”. Join our email list, connect with us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter or Instagram to keep informed about future events and actions.

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