Zine Discussion Group: Profiles of Provocateurs


Come join in a discussion about one of the many zines from our Free Literature Table.

Profiles of Provocateurs by Kristian Williams is about FBI involvement in activist communities in the last few years.

“A look at a few recent cases of anarchists or radical environmentalists being entrapped by state agents. In an effort to learn from past mistakes, the author points out some of the warning signs that the victims of these campaigns overlooked, or sometimes, deliberately ignored.”

Just this past Summer FBI agents were going door to door right here in our community trying to manipulate activists into informing on one another. Then in September we saw through leaked NYPD documents, that the NYPD was spying on our own and had targeted an In Our Hearts organizer starting back in 2008, using undercover police officers and informants. In October one of the undercover NYPD who followed us on twitter, and interacted with members of IOH while on the streets, and as part of Occupy Wall Street was exposed! It’s crucial that we learn about, and from these hostile attacks on those of us who try to bring about a better world.

Stop by our Free Literature Table or The Ditko! Library zine rack at The Silent Barn for a paper copy, or click here for a pdf or html version.

The discussion will be at the Ditko! Zine Library. Silent Barn, Bushwick. 7pm

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