An Inspiring Night of Solidarity with Jeremy Hammond and all Prisoners!

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Last night’s action in solidarity with Jeremy Hammond, hacktivists and prisoners everywhere was hugely successful! We were heard and seen by many within the prison where Jeremy is locked up. Even Jeremy’s family saw images from the action and expressed their gratitude in knowing that he has not been forgotten.

We were out making noise for an hour and a half, and projected on the prison itself as well as the building across from it so prisoners themselves could see our messages. There was a powerful response from prisoners who blinked their cell lights and shone flashlights down at us. It is inspiring to wave and raise our fists and voices up at a prison and have someone inside wave right back.

One person biking by on his way home from work asked what we were doing and when he understood became inspired enough to join us for a good 1/2 and hour. He told us that he had been locked up for fifteen years and that prisons are horrible dehumanizing places.

The projected messages mainly targeted our support for Jeremy Hammond, but also included messages against all prions and for all those denied their freedom.


The action was only as successful as it was thanks to the collaborative efforts of both The Illuminator, In Our Hearts and the Cargo Bike Collective. When we join together we can be as formidable as those who rule fear. Their worst nightmares are our dreams!

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