Today We Pack the Court for Jeremy!

Jeremy Hammond paintingToday Jeremy Hammond is scheduled to be sentenced Friday, November 15, 10am at the Federal Court for the Southern District of New York [500 Pearl St, The Ceremonial Courtroom on the 9th Floor.] In May we packed the court and rallied for Jeremy to demonstrate without question that we have his back, and that we are taking notice of what the state thinks they can do to people who attempt to freely share information on the internet. We are in total solidarity with Jeremy and encourage others to join us in person.

Jeremy has already plead guilty to participating in the Anonymous hack into the computers of the private intelligence firm Strategic Forecasting (Stratfor) and those of others involved in the repression of dissent. His co-defendants fromĀ Ireland and England have received sentences ranging from probation to 30 months in prison. It is expected that here in U.S., where in many ways there is less freedom for those who challenge the powers that be, prosecutors are will ask for and much harsher penalties. It wouldn’t be shocking if the judge (whose husband’s own email was compromised in Jeremy’s effort to reveal information) obliged them.

Jeremy has been in jail for more than 21 months and this is the only time he is able to see his support. Stand in solidarity with Jeremy Hammond!

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