Movie Night Was A Blast!

Thanks to everyone who came out to last nights movie night, our first in a long time! Thanks especially to the speakers, film makers, our hosts, and all who made it possible.

As per request here are the videos we watched. All but the feature are available online.

While folks were settling in and making popcorn we shared this Earth First! parody styled music video and talked about the upcoming Marcellus Shale Earth First! Action Camp all next week (October 27th – November 3rd) in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania is a state that has been heavily fracked and is the worse off for it. Now the Houston based Anadarko Petroleum Corporation has proposed a new developments that would include 26 well-pads, miles of new pipelines, access roads, and other associated infrastructure that our friends with Earth First! plan to resist and stop!

Then we got into learning the serious direct action resistance that our Mi’qma brothers and sisters north of the Canadian border have been have been waging against another Texas based company that wants to frack their lands and the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) who have obviously sided with the powerful energy company.

We started with some background, and then got into the more recent developments:



We talked about the action and how since the last video was produced solidarity actions took place all over North America including one in NYC that was reported throughout Canada, and militants attacked the area RCMP station with fire causing the police to abandon it. Thanks to for the great videos! Support their efforts! They money for tacos!

Following these inspiring  revelations we settled in for a feature film length documentary about how anarchists here in the U.S. were duped an betrayed by an activist who was working undercover for the FBI. The film portrayed one of the cases outlined in our zine Profiles of Provocateurs which we will be reading and discussing at our next reading group event at the Silent Barn‘s Ditko Zine Library.

That was followed by more discussion and then members of the Brazilian street protest band Os Siderais presented and explained the following video of them playing “with the black bloc, to give courage to the protesters” during the ongoing teachers strike.

We then watched a Vice TV film about this past Summer’s Free Pass Movement. The struggle against a not very large fare increase began small , but grew quickly despite being dismissed by those in power be they the media, business or politicians.

Our Brazilian friends explained how that resistance to the fare increase laid the ground work for continued resistance against the Fifa World Cup development, and in support of striking teachers.

Get in touch if you would like to help us with future movie nights!

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