Zine Discussion Group: 3 Positions Against Prisons

leaving prisons in ashes

Join us On Wednesday, 7pm, at Silent Barn‘s Ditko Zine Library to discuss one of the many zines from our Free Literature Table!

From the NC Piece Corp comes a pamphlet with three essays arguing for a true abolition of prisons (as opposed to prison ablation, as the authors, taking a cue from Bonanno’s Locked Up, describe the current prison abolition movement).

The essays take an anti-political stance, an increasingly popular one with anti-authoritarians in the United States. This idea is used to negotiate the ideological contradictions between “political” and “non-political” prisoners, and helps make their appeal for a social war, as opposed to the class-war traditionally advocated by Marxists and anarchists.

It’s interesting to consider social war and anti-politics in light of the united insurrections in Tunisia and Egypt, which, although at times taking the form of class war, are too broad, too leaderless, and mostly demand nothing. Neither a Popular Front nor a leftist revolt, the rioters burn tanks, banks, and fire trucks alike. They loot cell phone stores and wave National flags. They hug the police on one block and hurl bricks at them on the other. Prisons in both Egypt and Tunisia are burning, freeing common criminals and Islamists alike. While liberals attempt to see a democratic yearning in the unrest (often blaming looting on pro-government militias), this seems purely idealistic. Is it more likely this is the emergence of generalized social war?

3 positions against prison zine

Stop by the Free Literature table to pick up a copy of the zine. We will bring extras to the event. For a printable pdf, click here:

7pm Wednesday October 2nd at Silent Barn’s Ditko Zine Library – 603 Bushwick Ave in Brooklyn near the JMZ to Myrtle-Broadway stop.

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