Support a collaborative Sandy memorial sculpture!

Support this amazing artistic response to Sandy, by Sarah Quinter of In Our Hearts and other friends!


If you haven’t heard, a collaborative Sandy memorial sculpture project made from salvaged storm debris is in progress, and an installation site in The Rockaways has been secured. The project coordinators (Sarah Quinter and Robert Pluma) have been working hard to finish the half-ton steel substructure, and we are very excited to announce that it is nearing completion!

To get to the next phase, we need tangible support from you, our allies, to make it happen, so we have recently launched a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter, with less than a week left to go! You can check it out here!

For the past eight months, while constantly volunteering in affected areas, we have been laying the groundwork needed to accomplish our goal: build a site for reflection and a symbol of collective strength for all who lived through this terrible climate disaster. Now our work is coming to fruition. As artists and community builders, we’ve sought a way to to help people impacted by Sandy to rebuild not only materially, but also to regain a sense of agency, connection and community in the wake of the storm.

We’re preparing to begin the truly collaborative aspects of this project in a big way by organizing sessions where residents can help build the sculpture and create their own unique “renewal flags” – handmade prints with messages of hope suspended from the top of the spire. There’s also an unveiling ceremony planned for September, where residents and supporters will be invited to share food and music, as well as stories of Sandy survival and moving forward…we hope you’ll join us! (Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates).

This project will make it possible for those most impacted by the storm to come together and create a monument to resilience, standing permanently in a community garden at the center of the peninsula. The sculpture is being built through collaboration with a number of local groups and initiatives (including the Rockaway Waterfront Alliance), strengthening the ties needed to move forward in the wake of disaster. By using materials salvaged after the storm, we are transforming wreckage into a symbol of hope. Standing over fifteen feet tall, the tree-like structure will continue to grow as visitors leave messages and mementos around its base and within its varied crevices.






We hope you consider donating to Sea Song and come out to participate in a build day. We are offering beautiful rewards for donors, including limited-run screen prints, color posters and more (see the Kickstarter page for details). Your donation supports a range of logistical needs, vehicle rentals, tools, supplies, art & promotional materials and more, while your contribution of time and skills will be greatly appreciated and make you a part of this incredible project.

Please also contact us if you can offer in-kind donations of tools, concrete, art materials, or anything else you think may contribute to the completion of the project.

This project has been run entirely on volunteer energy, with no institutional funding (we’ve covered all expenses ourselves so far out of pocket). We’ve come a long way, but still need to complete construction, run art programs to create components of the finished piece, transport the sculpture, pour a concrete base, and install the finished project. None of this will happen without your help, and your contribution supports a grassroots initiative at the intersection of the arts and community-building, sure to inspire others for years to come.

Thank you in advance for any support you can offer, and please help by spreading the word (you can start by using the buttons below)!

With love and enthusiasm,

Sarah Quinter, Robert Pluma, and the rest of the Sea Song Sculpture Team

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