Zine Reading Group Wed. – For America to Live, Europe Must Die


Zines are like the tips of icebergs, a short read that represents a long tradition of thought and practice. Whether it is political, academic, artistic, etc or any combination, the 10 pages of a zine represent only the smallest, simplest, and most accessible snippet. Join us as we share our collective experience and diverse knowledge to uncover and expand upon the ideas shared through these zines. The more the merrier! As we develop a context and share personal opinions/reactions we will bridge the all to real gap between theory and practice in a safe space for challenging and developing our perspectives and ideas.

Join us, as we meet to discuss one zine off our Free Literature Table:

For America to Live, Europe Must Die
Ditko! Zine Library, Silent Barn, Bushwick
603 Bushwick Ave

If you need a hard copy of the zine, stop by our table at union square Tuesday! For an electronic copy, click here.

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