NYPD Officer Kills Pedestrian with Impunity!

no nypd

NYPD officer Paula Medrano struck & killed 61-year-old teacher Felix Cross in Williamsburg, Brooklyn Saturday as the officer spoke on her cell phone. Talking on one’s phone while driving is illegal in New York City as is striking a pedestrian with  a motor-vehicle, but a police have said that “It was a tragic, unfortunate accident,” and that “no criminality & no traffic violations are suspected.” The officer refused to hand over their phone to investigators but their phone records have been subpoenaed.

Felix Cross

Streets Blog is encouraging individuals angered and disturbed by this horrible incident to confront the 90th Precinct‘s Deputy Inspector Mark DiPaolo in person tonight at the precinct community council meeting (each second Wednesday of each month) at 30 Montrose Avenue, Community Room, at 7:30 p.m. Call 718-963-5309 for information.

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