Support Whistleblowers! “I Stand With Edward Snowden” Rally #2


Today: 5pm-7pm at Union Square Park South in NYC.“As young people in the digital era, it is imperative that we have an understanding of what happens to the data we create and post, with or without our consent,”

“It’s good these revelations are happening under President Obama,” said NYC activist Astra Taylor, “so we can see that this is structural, instead of blaming a Republican villain & praying for Democratic rescue.”

These events are happening so fast, but we are actively working to create a coalition with many different organizations and individuals to support Snowden, and continue to be a critical voice of the war on Journalists, Information and our civil liberties.

Details are still being formed, we will be gathering, to state our grievances and to keep true to Snowden, that we will not be silent or complicit with the current state of affairs.

On Monday, in less than 11 hours we organized our first call for Solidarity with Edward Snowden. We arranged it at 12PM, so that we would have an early bend in the media narrative. Our signs, press release, shirts and messaging resulted in wide coverage despite such short notice and small crowd.

Press Release

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