Court Support Needed Thursday

[Update: We have learned that the prosecution will move to delay the trial, so court support will not be needed Thursday for Janna and Matt. We will let you know when the trial is scheduled to start.]

Don’t put your court clothes away yet!

edubloc s17

Our friends Janna and Matt are scheduled for trial together this Thursday, May 30th at 100 Centre Street. They were arrested last September 17th  during the 1 year anniversary celebrations of Occupy Wall Street.

More than anything, we would love for your beautiful faces and red squares to show the injustice system your solidarity with us.

We will be there by 9am and hopefully it will not take too long to find a court room and get down to business.

Showing up in numbers at court dates does more than lift the spirits of those facing a dehumanizing unjust system, it  also shows the judges, district attorneys and their representatives that their attacks against us will go no less unnoticed in a dirty courtroom than on the streets in full view of the media. While the streets are ours the courts are theirs and the rules are different. It is best in most cases to wear conservative clothing (head-coverings are not allowed for men)  and obey the rules of the court.

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