NYPD Confiscated The In Our Hearts Cargo Bike!

We learned Wednesday afternoon that our bike had been taken by the NYPD, thanks to an alert worker at a local dry cleaning business on the block where our cargo bike was locked. The tricycle had been legally locked to a city bike rack on Saturday night and cut by Police from the First Precinct on Tuesday morning. Six representatives from In Our Hearts went in person to reclaim our bicycle and it’s cargo. Our friends from the NYC Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild aided us in our efforts to claim our confiscated bike and it’s contents, which had been dutifully inventoried. They went so far as to count all 200 hundred rubber bands and 1200 miscellaneous papers (obviously they estimated.) The property voucher also listed: “FLAGS (NEW WORLD/JEREMY HAMMOND” “SIGNS (TOXIC TAR STAND/DONT VOTE/VOTE NOBODY)”. Police returned much of it, but when we asked for our lock and chain which were cut, Officer Lawrence Sanzari threatened us with summonses for leaving “removable property” in public. Part of our derailleur was also missing and the back wheel was bent out of true when the bike was returned. The derailleur pin and perhaps the entire wheel will have to be replaced presumably at our expense along with the locks and chain necessary for securing our bike. We are asking if anyone has a spare lock or chain suitable for securing a bike in NYC that they are willing to donate to please contact us.

While trying to get the bike back into a condition that would be ride-able, officer Rick Lee came outside and asked us if we were ready for May Day. He then went on to ask if we knew who he was and then explain that he is “Hipster Cop“and that he is famous. Despite no encouragement whatsoever, he hung around asking questions and telling us what tools we would need to fix our bike and where the nearest bike shop was, until we decided to relocate our efforts to a nearby park.

After a little bit of effort and a few hours of delay we were back at our table set up in Union Square Park sharing free anarchist literature.  Some of our zines and pamphlets had yet to be stapled and were mixed up but we have been getting them back in order during the past two days of tabling. Look for us on Saturday and in the future, by the North-West corner of 14th St and Broadway. Check Twitter for updates.

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