Occupy Town Square Returns Today!

Occupy Town Square is regular event that began in the aftermath of the dispersal of the Occupy Wall Street Zuccotti Park encampment. Since we have participated in nearly every one. We are happy to be returning to where it started in Washington Sq. Park just more than a year later.

IMG_0095 occupy town sq

Occupy Town Square has joined Strike Debt in a day of free healthcare, radical education and a march to highlight community hospital closings.
In response to our broken and bankrupt health care system, Strike Debt’s Rolling Jubilee initiative will make a big announcement in March. They have bought and abolished a large amount of medical debt and using this “buy” to highlight the profound inhumanity and inequality of our medical payment system and to create a vision of a world where healthcare is truly treated as a right.

Washington Square Park
9:30am – all day: Free education, legal advice, performances and music
2pm – March to highlight community hospital closings

Judson Church
9:30am – 1:30pm: A health fair with FREE HEALTHCARE!
5:30pm – 7pm: Continuation of health fair

We also plan to have practitioners on call to answer medical questions live on the internet all day!

It wouldn’t be an Occupy Town Square without the OWS Screen Printers! Bring your blank T-shirts, totes and other clothing for the brilliant screeners to customize.

*This action is part of a week of actions all around the country declaring a Healthcare Emergency: It’s a Matter of “Life or Debt”.

Hashtags for the action: #lifeordebt #M23 #strikedebt

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