The People’s Recovery Summit

Look for our Free Literature Table at The People’s Recovery Summit this weekend. We are set up downstairs!

The People’s Recovery Summit is three-day conference consisting of workshops, speeches followed by discussions, trainings and a collaborative effort to construct a unified peoples’ recovery statement.

The focus is on the grassroots community of New York City, inclusive of a spectrum of organizers, volunteers, activists, and storm-impacted residents. The conference is informed by the concept that the people are empowered by the collective, and the collective is empowered by fostering discussion, collaboration and sharing.

The programming centers on five major themes – economics, environment, wellness, education, and organizing – which are designed to prepare all stakeholders to shape the ongoing processes of recovery and rebuilding. The program consists of special workshops, themed workshops, trainings, resource circles,entertainment, three meals a day, and a culminating general assembly.

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