Workshop on Grand Juries: an informational session

Grand juries are tools of government harassment and repression that have long been used to intimidate and harass radical movements. Currently there are at least two grand juries convened on the West Coast in the aftermath of FBI raids on activists’ homes in the past 30 days. Several people have been subpoenaed and are scheduled to appear before the grand jury in the coming months. They need your support! Come out and learn from the National Lawyers Guild- NYC Chapter what grand juries are, how they operate, what your rights are, and how you can support grand jury resisters.One grand jury in Seattle is targeting activist in the Pacific North West and seems to be focused on those in the Occupy movement and anarchist May Day demonstrations. A unrelated grand jury has been convened in Santa Cruz and has served subpenas to individuals associated with animal liberation activism.Presenters: Moira Meltzer-Cohen, (of the New York Law Collective & Occupy Wall Street Anti-Repression Committee) and Bob Boyle (of the National Lawyers Guild- NYC Chapter) will demystify what grand juries are and how they are used against radical movements.

Brecht Forum 451 West Street New York, NY 10014
Tuesday, August 28th 6:30pm-8pm

This event is wheelchair accessible.

This is a free event, but during the teach-in we will pass around a way for participants to donate money to help us pay for the space.

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