Bushwick Food Not Bombs is back!

Bushwick Food Not Bombs shares free meals (and radical literature) at 3pm on Wednesdays in Maria Hernandez Park in Brooklyn, at Knickerbocker Avenue and Starr Street. Some food is gathered on Tuesday nights, and meal prep begins at noon Wednesdays, near the JM and G train Flushing stops. If you are interested in helping out please let us know!

A few things we could use:
1. A nice banner – We have materials, but are looking for paint and someone with a bit of competency to talent with a brush.
2. Music – We like to make it a festive event, and music definitely attracts more people to eat, chat, and feel welcome. Musical instruments of all kinds are welcome, and boomboxes are always really fun. If you have any other ideas to make the food sharing extra fun, like giving out flowers or face-paintings, please bring them!
3. Plasticware – Disposables work, but Bushwick FNB is working on collecting reusable plasticware, plates, bowls, cups, forks, spoons, knives. Let us know if you have anything extra lying around that you don’t use.

The community around Maria Hernandez is primarily Spanish-speaking, so folks who are fluent are encouraged to help us outreach.

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