Open Day at the Hut

Sunday July  1-6pm at Hut #7 in Williamsburg

Open Hut Day

Join us for a closing celebration for Hut #7 with a day of hut, community, home-cooked food, music, information, and exploration. We have an amazing line-up of activities all afternoon! Come any time between 1 and 6pm. All activities are FREE. …Check out the schedule below. Stay as long as you like…

SUNDAY, July 1st
2 Kingsland Avenue (corner of Maspeth)
Garden Level
L to Graham Avenue

1pm DIY Carpentry Workshop with E.W. Fye
Learn to make jewelry boxes and do simple household repairs with found materials

1:30pm “Waste Transfer Station Neighborhood Tour”
A walking tour of the neighborhood exploring issues of waste disposal, garbage equity, and environmental sustainability, led by local activist Laura Hofmann of OUTRAGE (Organizations United for Trash Reduction and Garbage Equity). Departs from the hut at 1:30pm (back in time for the permaculture discussion!).

2pm ‘Build A Soda Bottle Planter’ Workshop with Boswyck Farms Check out their home-made hydroponics– good for kids!

2pm Sound Improvisation Workshop with Gustavo Aguilar
Composer and Percussionist Gustavo Aguilar can magically play anything. He leads people of all ages and experience in a sound workshop.

3pm Permaculture In the City: a discussion with permaculture visionary Andrew Faust
Learn ways to bring clean air, water and soil back into city centers and urban landscapes. Come to understand what permaculture is about. A fascinating and hopeful conversation about ways of improving our urban environments.

4pm “Talking about more than a hut through the lens of art”
A lively panel about bridging art and audience
Panelists include Isabella Bruno (BRUNO); Christina Ferwerda (BRUNO); Dana Whitco (Center for Creative Research); Lisa Phillips (The Earth Institute, Columbia University) and Jill Sigman (jill sigman/thinkdance). Moderated by designer/artist Roland Gebhardt. How does art become meaningful to a viewer? Is it just a matter of how we see it? What about knowledge of how the work was made, the context or hardship in bringing it to life? How does the experience change knowing the personal story of the maker, or in the context of the viewer’s life experience? We’ll discuss ways of contextualizing art with hard facts, personal stories, displayed objects, etc. Join us for a panel and discussion about exhibitions and other ways that museums, presenters, educators, and others help art to reach and to be understood by various publics.

4:30pm GRUB: a free dinner made of reclaimed food by A New World In Our Hearts [come early to help cook!!!]
GRUB is a reliable community dinner held on the first Sunday of each month in downtown Brooklyn. This month the folks at GRUB are kind enough to travel to Hut #7! They plan to be able to serve approximately 50 people, so it’s first come first served. There will be plates for vegans and vegetarians. About 99% of the food is freegan, which means it is excess, ripe, nearly ripe or slightly damaged food that has been recovered from the waste of grocery stores. GRUB is about building a stronger and more supportive community, so come early and hang out. They need help gathering, cooking and preparing food.

5pm Gotham Roots Orchestra
A great band tries out its new song “Bad Time to be a Fish”! You may become part of their new music video! Check them out online:

Spontaneous performances by HUT INSTITUTE participants Ilona Bito, Katie Buono, Justine de Penning, and Molly Schaffner.

Hut cookies by Susana Arellano and her bakery MANJAR

The exhibition “jill, why do you build huts?” by BRUNO Design

AND a Free Market for pre-deinstallation hut souvenirs!

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