Rubulad, longtime host of Grub, seeks a new home!

From their Kickstarter page:

 Have you been to a Rubulad? We can always spot the first-timers because their mouths are hanging open. They say “I didn’t know places like this really existed. I read about the Factory, but I had no idea there was anything like this in New York anymore.”

If you have, then you understand why our people keep coming back, month after month and year after year. Each month we hire artists to create an unforgettable, elaborately handmade landscape on a theme, on top of the art from the month before. We book musicians and DJs who get the floor moving. Filmstrips, cabaret, puppets. And we draw a diverse crowd that’s ready to dance.

Now we have to move from our home of the past six years.

We need a new home to build our collection back into the amazing forest of art it once was. We cannot raise enough by running parties in other spaces – with rental costs, and compensating musicians and artists for their work, it’s impossible to get ahead. Venues are scarce. We need you to bring Rubulad back to life!!

It’s a bitch to move in New York. Now imagine moving our whole collection and facilities.

  • Storage
  • Helping hands
  • First, last plus commercial deposit
  • A head start on building out a new space including major work like plumbing and electrical

It all adds up, bigtime. Your donation will not only get you a limited edition Rubulad t-shirt or piece of original art, but will also keep the party alive. This is our only fundraising appeal – and if every single person on our list gives $20, we will be ahead of our goal!

Art spaces like Monster Island and Surreal Estate are closing down all around us. The pressures of the real estate market are not new. But everything fun doesn’t have to disappear.

photo by E.A.R

What People are Saying About Us

“When I was a fresh face in the city, Rubulad was the first slice of night that I felt at home in. It was more than a party, it was a community. Hundreds of vital projects, performers and inspired conversations emerged from that community.” -William Etundi,

“Rubulad stands for no-holds-barred creative freedom to carve our own space in a frequently limiting city. Their resilience, fierce independence, radical inclusivity, commitment to the arts, whimsical creativity, and welcoming attitude have been continually inspiring to me in my ten years of creating nightlife events. Rubulad is what people have in mind when they picture wildly creative underground nightlife in NYC, a happening emblematic of the city whose real-life existence is actually endangered.” – Miss Scorpio,

“Rubulad is one of the most important ingredients in New York City nightlife. For more than the last decade, it has been a creative hot bed of innovative music and art, as well as a showcase and springboard for local, national and international artists. It has nurtured my craft and served as a celebratory meeting place for friends new and old.” – Taylor Kuffner (Zemi17), artistic director of the Gamelatron

“I grew up in NYC, but Rubulad was my first introduction to any cultural underground and truly DIY institution in The City. As a kid living on my own in Brooklyn, their events opened up a world of possibilities to me for what sort of universe a group of dedicated people could create for those around them and inspired me to begin dedicating my time towards exploring the warehouse spaces of Brooklyn, eventually working on projects like Silent Barn and SHOWPAPER specifically so that others could discover that same sort of magic I had found on Flushing over five years ago. I always felt that Silent Barn was a little sibling to Rubulad’s mission of mixing the perfect batch of art, community, and chaos.”- Joe Ahearn – Silent Barn // Showpaper // Clocktower Gallery

“January 2000. The beginning of a new millenium. First kiss, first dance, some absinthe and romance. Now, we’re married with a kid who is almost seven. Thanks, Rubulad!” – Laura & Mark

Even the cabbies love us.

“My cab driver last night has been picking up from your various locations for many years, not knowing they were all yours. He then asked about 3rd Ward, Danger, Winkel, and various other parties that have been part of the community that you started and supported and incubated really. I told him that you trained and inspired most all of those other event organizers, and he was not surprised. Then he said ‘I think I would like that lady. Whenever I’m working on a Friday or a holiday, I check her space first for fares. Her crowds are the nicest, most respectful people in Brooklyn party-goers. They talk to me like a person. Tell her I wish her well and good fortune this year.'” – Maureen Flaherty

*** See our bio for further links and interviews about Rubulad’s past, present, and future…

Grub- a community dinner. photo by Jessie Roberts.

top photo credit – Jenene Bernstein.

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