Grub – A Community Dinner AT WALL STREET!!!

Grub this Sunday, Oct. 2nd, will be unlike any other Grub in our six-year history.  We will be supporting and sharing food at the Occupy Wall Street Protest in lower Manhattan.

If you’d like to help cook meet us at 136 Lawrence Street (where Grub is usually held) at 3pm.  From there we will take the food to Wall Street to share with the occupiers, and anyone who else who would like to join, with plans to serve and eat around 7:30pm.

There will be plates for vegans and vegetarians alike. About 99% of the food we serve is freegan, which means it is excess, ripe, nearly ripe or slightly cosmetically damaged food that has been recovered from the waste of grocery stores.

If you have any questions feel free to email us:

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